It’s The Start of A New Chapter In Our Journey Together: The New Buzzoole Is Here

Today, Buzzoole has revealed a new corporate identity designed to support our global expansion and evolution from a platform to an end-to-end service partner, marrying technology with creativity. In the five years since we opened our doors, Buzzoole has grown into a business that serves more than 850 international brands and boasts a community of more than 260,000 creators from all over the world. Our industry’s rapid growth has been powered by both technological innovation, demonstrated by businesses like ours, creativity and by its adoption by some of the world’s biggest and best media owners and brands.

The practice of influencer marketing has definitely seen many changes over the last few years and there has been much focus on high quality creative, transparency and the effectiveness and measurability of campaigns. At the same time, we have seen influencer marketing move beyond the the exclusive domain of digital marketers and edge its way into the broader strategic marketing agenda.

Our new visual identity, designed by Italian firm Bellissimo, aims at redefining the Buzzoole brand and centres around the idea of ‘technology meets creativity’It also marks our transition from startup to international scale-up, as we expand beyond Europe. The name Buzzoole was born from the union of buzz (buzz) and googol, written as the digit 1 followed by one hundred zeroes (1.0 x 10100). The new logo consists of two double letters positioned in the center of the composition. The double Z represents an onomatopoeic synthesis of the concept of “buzz”. It is mirrored by the two OOs underneath, which combine to create the symbol of infinity and promotes the concept of something that has no limits. The complete configuration is strongly distinctive, asymmetrical, iconic and combined with bold colours creates an unexpected and interesting image.

The simple idea for Buzzoole is to help people discover authentic content and connect with the brands that they love through trusted influencers. We do this by providing the world’s best brands with a fantastic platform and proprietary Artificial Intelligence for influencer marketing. Our technology is powerful and unique and is based on deep learning algorithms, statistical modelling and social network analysis. When applied to the influencer marketing world, it is able to find the perfect match and deliver the maximum degree of affinity between a brand and a Creator. The combination of Buzzoole’s proprietary technology and end-to-end services simplifies every stage of the Influencer Marketing process and gives life to engaging and authentic quality content, as well as recognizable and impactful influencer campaigns.

We are extremely proud of everything we’ve built at Buzzoole and as with other breakthrough technologies, innovation remains at the heart of our company. Our full-service approach means that we are constantly looking to fill the gaps, providing brands with a platform and partner that is capable of combining high quality content creators with technology that ensures measurable, trackable, transparent and verified results to afford clients maximize ROI.

This is also reflected in our partnerships with companies like Flixel, our bespoke work with Nielsen and the launch of new creativity lines.

It’s still early in our journey at Buzzoole and as we continue to grow and expand our global leadership, we have become one of the most important pillars that today’s marketers and brands can rely on each and every day. This is an important moment in our evolution and in Q1 alone we recorded international growth of over 500% ahead of our projected target. We continue to innovate and invest in technology and dedicated Research & Development reflects more than 35% of the Buzzoole team. As a result, we have also been recognised by Unilever Foundry, Accenture, Facebook Start, Intel, UK Trade & Investment and as a Representative Vendor in the 2018 edition of the Market Guide for Influencer Marketing Solutions by Gartner.

Today Buzzoole boasts a team of over 70 people distributed across offices in New York, London, Milan, Rome and Naples. We are active in 176 countries and on all platforms. We have over 260,000 Content Creators, more than 850 customers and deliver over 25 million interactions. Our rebrand aims to make Buzzoole more recognisable and to help us stand out in international markets by positioning the company as a dominant player in the sector, not only in Italy but globally for brands and influencers, as we prepare to enter new markets and open new offices abroad.

For those interested in better understanding Buzzoole’s journey over the past few years, here are some extra reading/watching materials:

fabrizio perrone

Fabrizio is one of the Buzzoole's founders. A serial digital entrepreneur, he is visionary, dynamic, a perfectionist, tech passionate, a social media expert and an Influencer Marketing Pioneer. You can get in touch with him at @fabrlzio.

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