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With more than 1,9 billion monthly active users, YouTube is the second most visited website in the world and accounts for more than 500 million hours of video viewing everyday. Before the advent of Snapchat and the rise of the Instagram Stories, YouTube has long since been the largest repository of user-generated videos, inevitably leading the Google owned video sharing platform to pioneer the first forms of investment with Influencers. Overall, its advent has been so disruptive that the entire video ecosystem has had to adapt. YouTube isn’t only the primary stage for videoclips shared by well known and emerging musicians, it is now the home of any kind of content, from video game reviews and “challenge” videos to travel, fitness, tech and beauty how-tos.

Influencer Marketing campaigns are often complex and difficult to manage: Creator selection, briefing, co-creation, post revision, approval, performance monitoring, and more requires a huge amount of work. Fully automated, our new YouTube integration will make this multi-step process easier, speeding up each of the strategic, creative and operational phases.

From today, Brands and Creators will be able to enjoy the benefits of our new feature for their Influencer Marketing campaigns. Let’s take a closer look at how it works.

Main benefits for Marketers

✔ Identification. Our Artificial Intelligence algorithms are able to suggest the most suitable YouTubers for your campaign based on the topics our Creators produce content around, as well as on the first-party data provided by YouTube.

✔ Revision. Fully automated, the new integration will enable you to review all the content directly from a dedicated panel in your dashboard, giving you the chance to double check and approve any video created for your campaigns.

✔ Reporting. A new campaign report will bring you YouTube specific metrics such as views, subscribers, likes, comments and an array of stats that you can monitor in real time.

Main benefits for Content Creators

✔ Smart campaigns. Taking part in a YouTube campaigns is very simple. No more never-ending email threads, no more painful video uploading, it’s all automated now. Once you received the brief, you just need to produce the video, upload it on YouTube and share the link on the Buzzoole platform.

✔ Multiple YouTube channels. If you manage more than one YouTube channel, you can now add them all to your Buzzoole profile. This will open up more opportunities to be matched to briefs coming from our brand partners.

✔ Performance. It’s all in the data. This new feature will allow you to access all your YouTube performance metrics from  your personal dashboard. This will allow you to monitor the most relevant metrics such as views, subscribers, likes, comments and more.

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