The Top Beauty Creators of Instagram

As part of a series of monthly insights from across the Influencer Marketing sector, Buzzoole has just released the rankings for the top Beauty Influencers on Instagram. Buzzoole’s Rankings are a list of the top Creators in a specific vertical, built using our cutting edge technology and curated by our content team. Last month, the spotlight was on Travel Creators. Today, we highlight the beauty gurus of Instagram who specialise in the creation of unique hair, makeup and beauty content, amongst other things. These Influencers, take their inspiration from the world around them, create engaging and inclusive content, not just limited to traditional beauty trends or high fashion. They are ever present at major events like Pride, and are remarkably popular across all social media platforms.


First, we sourced a wide range of talented beauty creators and ranked them according to engagement per post (likes plus comments on the published posts during the time period considered) and the average follower growth. As with our previous Instagram rankings, we created two categories: The ‘Rising Stars’ who have 30,000-100,000 followers and the ‘Stars’ who have 100,000+ followers. Buzzoole’s Rankings don’t consider celebrities, TV stars, nor media personalities who haven’t built their fame creating content on social media. This data encompasses the month of May.

The “Stars” Ranking

It’s time to reveal our top Beauty creators, we’ll begin with Stars.

In fifth place we have Mmmmitchell, a talented young makeup artist from England. He has been elevated by well known beauty creators due to his artistic talents. Mitchel earns an impressive 76,539 engagements per post, and secured 25,680 new followers in the last month. He’s definitely one to watch. Next up we have Sophiehannah, a bubbly guru with a colourful feed. Her tutorials centre around makeup and include beautiful styles featuring her bright, eccentric hair. With a new monthly following of 142,680, Sophie is killing the game. In third place we have Glambyflo. At only 17, Flo has amassed 731,000 followers and has an average of 77,439 engagements per post. It’s no secret from looking at her feed that she is extremely talented and deserves her success. In second place is Grwrady. Her Instagram is full of short, snappy tutorials that show-off her gorgeous makeup looks. Rady also posts pictures featuring motivational quotes. If inspiration is what you need, look no further. In our top spot we have yet another young brit, and her name is Lena, aka lenkalul! 18 year old Lena also features short, fun tutorials on her page as well as snaps of her popping eye makeup looks. For her young age, her account is incredibly successful with an average of 133,220 engagements per post and 206,460 new followers in May. The girls done good!

The “Rising Stars” Ranking

First on the Rising Stars list, in 5th place, is @tias.mua. Her account has garnered 11,570 average engagements per post due to her impressive eyeshadow creations. She has earned 10,320 new followers during May, and has recently posted her rainbow eyeshadow routine ready for Pride festivities. Next up is @chellylovesmakeup91, who also creates artwork from eyeshadow. She boasts an impressive 11,859 average engagements per post, and has gained 12,150 new followers this month with her glam makeup looks. Third on the list is @aaronsmakeup, who creates robust, trend-defying looks with varying types of makeup. Aaron garners 12,056 average engagements per post, with 5,790 new followers this month. In second place is @monaaa.c. She creates vibrant, bright eyeshadow looks on her Instagram page, which attracts 13,249 average engagements per post. She has 7,740 new followers this month. Finally, the number one rising star is @beatsbydeb. She creates fantastical hair and makeup combination styles that blur the lines between dream and reality. She has 13,267 average engagements per post, with 15,750 new followers.


A popular content trend among beauty Creators is the use of short, heavily edited videos showing the application and creation of a particular makeup look. These tutorials are often set to vibrant music and involve the Creator either focusing on applying a particular aspect of their makeup such as an eye look or lip art, or doing a full face. These videos are trendy and much more interesting than a tutorial spread across a series of images or a single image showing the final look. They can also be incredibly enjoyable to watch as there’s something satisfying about seeing an impeccable makeup look come together. Furthermore, this medium is useful when showcasing a sponsored product as the Creator is able to give a demonstration on how it’s used, as well as showing the packaging and name.

In terms of the nature of the content being produced, extravagant eyeshadow looks are becoming an increasingly fashionable trend. It’s not just about applying some colour to the eyes, creators are now using their eye lids as a canvas. From Disney inspired tutorials to crazy explosions of colour, the wilder the creation the better. The same can be said for lip art, which is another focus for many accounts. As well as eyes, creators use their mouths as the basis of their creativity. Using a specific facial feature as a focus is a nice way to bring interesting videos into the mix. From a viewer’s perspective, it’s like watching a small art project in time lapse.

Beauty is an extremely saturated field, therefore standing out is a must. It’s possible to be successful solely by talent, but it may be harder to be remembered by this alone. Creativity and trendsetting is the way to move up the hierarchy in this competitive space. Content has to be eye-catching, interesting and unique. Otherwise it’s easy to blend into the background. The Creators in our rankings have definitely accomplished this, so congratulations to them!

Are you passionate about beauty? Is your feed dedicated to stunning hair and makeup looks? Join our community and become the next Top Beauty Creator!

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