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Buzzoole has launched another brand new content series: Ask the Creator, a deep dive into the Creators’ world. We want to give a voice to the most creative souls in Influencer Marketing and share their views to inspire the Creators of tomorrow. If you are looking for tips on how to create mesmerising content and engage with your online audience, this is one for you.

The first piece of content focuses on an innovative format designed to capture the attention of your followers and diversify your social feed with content that goes beyond still images and videos, cinemagraphs. 

Cinemagraphs allow Creators to tell visual stories using a new visual medium, which is neither a photo nor a video, but actually a living photo. Here at Buzzoole, we have used cinemagraphs across influencer marketing campaigns with the biggest brands in the world and we have recently run a dedicated campaign to celebrate our collaboration with Flixel, the cutting-edge tool for cinemagraph creation.

Here we collected amazing experiences and precious tips from: Onyi Moss, fashion photographer based in Manchester; Amy Ramirez, fashion influencer & blogger, half English & half Spanish; Stefano Tiozzo, Italian landscape photographer and David Pinto, Italian content Creator & digital artist.

What do you see as the strengths of using cinemagraphs? What added value do cinemagraphs bring to your social media feed and storytelling?

Onyi: The ability to bring together static and motion in one frame. Cinemagraph introduced something new that my followers hadn’t seen from me before. It encouraged me to be creative thus coming up with a concept based on past experience which many people could relate to.

Amy: The difference between posting a still photo and a cinemagraph becomes evident when you look at the engagement. The latter usually gets more likes and comment, because audiences loves creativity. 

Stefano: The chance to make different and particularly nice pieces of content with a strong impact. I feel like people expect social media posts to move, that’s probably why Instagram Stories are a huge success.

David: Flixel is an app for very creative people! It allows you to create very appealing and original content, which is key now that everyone’s feed is full of posts that look all the same.

How do cinemagraphs perform on your social channel? Do your followers like this innovative content?

Onyi: They performed really well, way beyond what I expected. My followers liked the posts and left lots of comments.

Amy: It had quite an impact on my channel, my followers liked it a lot.

Stefano: The cinemagraph I published on my wedding anniversary got tons of likes by my follower. It just shows me and my wife in our kitchen, but the engagement was sensational: more than 28000 views, more than 50% of my audience!

David: Cinemagraph have a huge impact on social media followers. You can unleash your creativity and amaze your follower with special content. My follower simply love it!

What skills do you need in order to use the Flixel app?

Onyi: Videography, photography and colour grading skills.

Amy: I don’t think you need any particular skill, it just take some more work that 

Stefano: If you have at least a basic knowledge of any photo editor software, it quite easy to use Flixel. The cinemagraph is a quite peculiar format and you need to get out of you comfort zone to understand how to create one.

David: First of all, be creative and play with its capabilities. You just need few little things to do it: a tripod, a smartphone and some time. The best way is to learn how to use it is playing around with it until you become confident with the app.

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Would you recommend your friends, fellow Creators and followers to create cinemagraphs for their social channels? If so, any tip you would you give them?

Onyi: Yes, definitely! My practical suggestions would include planning the shoot: that should involve a concept, but keep it simple at first until you perfect your skills. Then make sure to use a tripod, ask for assistance if you need one, and watch a tutorial on how to edit using the app.

Amy: Would definitely recommend the app to all my friends willing to share a different kind of visual content on their Instagram feed.

Stefano: I would highly recommend to lifestyle blogger and influencers focused on their personal branding, it does add something more to your feed. Cinemagraphs are hypnotical, you can’t stop looking at them.

David: I highly recommend cinemagraph for creating impactful and creative content. With a bit of ingenuity and practice you can achieve outstanding results. An advice I can give you is to experiment as much as possible with the app in different contest. Also, Flixel’s website features a dedicated section where you can take a look to other content Creators’ cinemagraphs and get inspired. Check it out!

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