No money? No worries! Pay with social media!

Like the rest of the world, technology has changed how we view money. Social media is at the forefront of our minds and eyes and brands are taking advantage of the open whiteboard. Along with marketing through this channel, they are now taking the next step and actually asking payment not through cash, but through tweets, posts, +1 and likes, and we couldn’t be happier than to oblige.

Brands, designers and more are using pop up social media shops to gain engagement, have influence and essentially get people interested in buying their product and/or service.

Blog.paybytweetOne such example is the Kellogg’s Tweetshop in London, where people could shop with Tweets. A fairly new concept that is catching on like fire. A tweet like the following was used to buy from the shop:


The Sweden shoe store, hasbeens, created a similar pop up shop with the plan to have shoppers use Instagram to get a 5% discount. With a simple maneuver such as this, they got pictures of all their products to millions of viewers by doing minimal work. It’s a great example for other businesses.


Designer and pop icon, Marc Jacobs, also followed suit by opening a pop up shop for New York’s fashion week where fashionistas can pay by tweet.


According to the design blog, psfk, the shop will be carried out based on customers use of the hashtag #MJDaisyChain across various social media platforms. Twitter, Instagram and Facebook posts are all encouraged and there will also be competitions to increase the amount of social impact, where Marc Jacobs accessories will be given away throughout the day.

Pay with a Tweet is billed as a “social payments system” designed to create viral buzz for content creators and marketers alike who want to promote themselves, their brand, product or service.

Pay with a Tweet is free and simple to use; vendors create a Pay with a Tweet button using a simple form on the app’s site, entering their Twitter account, desired message to be re-tweeted, and the link to a digital download. Then just copy and paste the button code to the web, push the button and let viral tweeting take over.


Sometimes word of mouth – particularly at first launch – is worth more than the product/service itself.

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