Companies begin to give more value to size of social network rather than size of wallet

Word of mouth is the most profitable type of spending

Ask anyone about a good movie, special event or new artist and their reply most likely will start with the phrase “I heard from a friend that movie/event/artist was really worth seeing/going to/hearing”. Word of mouth makes products, ideas, and behaviors catch on. It’s more influential than advertising and far more effective. While our technology and use of the internet has catapulted us into a futuristic world confusing to some, fear not, for our marketing techniques are using the age old tradition of word of mouth, WOM. Populations have passed on information by telling it to one another for generations, and today we’re getting smart and using the tool that connects the entire world, the internet, to spread the word.

Word of mouth is the most profitable type of spending
Word of mouth is the most profitable type of spending

With current events such as economic crisis, grassroots revolutions and government shut downs, word of mouth and social media chatter has gained value not only to our friends, but to our cities, authority figures and even politicians. At many a company event, fundraising event or even political campaign we constantly tell our audience to find us on”Twitter” or “Facebook” and in networking conversations social media pages are commonly exchanged.

Buzzoole understands the importance of creating those offline connections at events that lead to online activity. By continuing to engage that online audience with new and interesting information, it keeps the online activity alive and creates brand ambassadors.”Buzzoole“helps companies do just that through a digital system where small and large businesses can give individuals the power to influence not just one, but their entire network by spreading influential social media nets. This creates a cycle of feeding offline interactions with online activity and around again.

While companies use to view us depending on the size of our wallet, we’re capable of creating our own small buzz marketing campaigns through word of mouth and are now viewed as an influential piece of the profit puzzle.

As a company or an individual what do you find most difficult when creating WOM marketing campaigns? Let us know!


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