#BuzzInfluencer: interview with Shaan Haider

We continue Buzzoole‘s series of interviews dedicated to our amazing users!
Every Wednesday, we present a new interview where our #BuzzInfluencerA� shares its secrets about being a successful blogger. This week it is the turn of Shaan Haider, tech and social media blogger, author of the blog Geeky Stuffs‘.

How would you describe Buzzoole? What do you like the most in our platform?

Buzzoole is a great platform which connects influencers with brands to work together. The best thing about Buzzoole is that it finds the most suitable campaigns for you and sends you notification to be a part of it which is a great time saver. Also, the Buzzoole Team gets in touch with influencers personally regarding a campaign which is really a nice thing.


Shaan Haider’s influence

What’s your favorite tech gadget without which you can’t imagine your life with?

Well, it is going to be my smartphones and then my laptop obviously. I got many smartphones and I use them depending on my needs as every device got its own specific features, pros and cons.

In your opinion, what are the best ways to keep high social engagement with your readers, fans and followers? What would you advice to bloggers who want to increase their online interaction with the audience?

As the term itself suggests, social engagement is all about being social. Social media is not a one way communication. It is really important to reply back to your blog readers and social media followers as they are the ones reason behind your successa�� As a blogger, it is our responsibility to interact with our readers, respect their feedback and help them in every way possible. That is what blogging all about and this is what our readers expect from us.

What are your predictions about the changes that might happen in the world of social media in the next 5 years?

Social media is obviously evolving and with the rise of smartphone and wearables, it is going to be more accessed by them in the future. But the basic concept of social media is going to be the same i.e to be social and influence millions of people right from the comfort of your living room.

Shaan Haider

Shaan Haider

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2 comments on “#BuzzInfluencer: interview with Shaan Haider
  1. Monika Chauhan says:

    Shaan, indeed is the best blogger I have met !! Way to go boy !!

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