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Why invest in YouTube campaigns to boost your brand’s visibility

girl filming herself while trying out some new makeup items.

Take a look around – your favourite YouTubers are covering billboards, flyers, magazines and other print materials. It’s happening based on the realisation that influencers can be powerful allies – with millions of engaged audiences and passionate followers who are

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Marketing & Entertainment: when Influencers go beyond the web

two people watching tv on a couch

You turn on BBC One and see the usual glamorous guests on The Graham Norton Show couch. You assume they all must be something in Hollywood or the music industry, however not all of them have a prolific IMDb profile.

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Boost your chance of being matched to Buzzoole campaigns!

The waiting is finally over! We are thrilled to announce that now you can add to your Buzzoole Profile other social media channels!Marta Zienkiewicz Marta is a Social Media Manager at Buzzoole s.r.l. where she is a company’s voice on

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From internet VIP to reality star…find success through your online activity

Today the internet is filled with influencers who might not realize their value. Every post on Facebook, twitter, YouTube and various other social media channels stretches to your circle of friends which fuels word of mouth and eventually can become

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buzzoole influence engine optimization

Buzzoole is the first influencer marketing platform that connects brands with key influencers and their audiences

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Looking for a powerful tool to quickly find an influencer in your category? Try our Buzzoole Finder: all the right influencers at the tip of your fingers.

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