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7 Reasons You Should Invest In Always-On Influencer Marketing

A recent study by ANA showed that 75% of marketers are currently using Influencer Marketing and that most of them will increase their dedicated budget in the next 12 months. This suggests that the industry is seeing a shift and

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How to Get Followers on Twitter With Influencer Marketing

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Every brand that has ever made a Twitter account hasA�tormented itself overA�how to get followers, how to engage with them and so on. How do I connect with followers? What can I use apart from Twitter ads to engage them?

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Why Consumers Trust Influencers Over Brands?

Therea��s a small coffee shop in my town a�� the kind of business you picture in your mind when you think of a small independent brand…Fabrizio Perrone Fabrizio is the CEO and Founder of Buzzoole. A serial digital entrepreneur, he

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How 2014 will be influenced by social media

We dona��t want to admit it, but ita��d be hard to live without social media. Many 5-10 year olds got tablets for Christmas this year, wea��re growing mini techies and teaching adults new things by the minute. In 2014 social

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