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7 Reasons You Should Invest In Always-On Influencer Marketing

A recent study by ANA showed that 75% of marketers are currently using Influencer Marketing and that most of them will increase their dedicated budget in the next 12 months. This suggests that the industry is seeing a shift and

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Boost your brand with Live Tweeting

Whether you are already savvy enough to master it at the best, or you keep thinking of it as a TV shows-related practice which, like a star, rises and dies too shortly bringing no-one-knows what benefits, this is the blogpost

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5 Global Events for Startups

Are you working in near parameters with your colleagues, on your personal computer, in a room that is your garagea��or closely resembles it? Congrats! That probably means youa��re a passionate individual working together with other creative minds in what we

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How to determine your target audience

There are many ways to be influential online. Blogging, posting and sharing are all ways to get your message and your voice out there, but how do you know whoa��s listening, whoa��s paying attention and in which ways? In order

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Top 5 alternatives to Whatsapp messenger

Nothing new that Whatsappa��s wallet recently got too big for its pockets. The news has been buzzing around the world and is one of the top trends of the moment; Facebook enterprise recently bought Whatsapp for $19 billion. Along with

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Social Media Week is where you want to be

Social media isna��t a fad anymore, ita��s our statement, our influence and ultimately our reputations. AA�week has been dedicated to it which in one of its many locations, NYC, started this year February 17 and ends February 21. People meet

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