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How Can SaaS Startups Grow With The Help Of Influencers

According to IDC, 27.8 percent of the global enterprise apps market will be SaaS-penetrated by 2018, accounting for $50.8 billion in revenue. No wonder so many SaaS startups are popping up with the aim to take a slice of the

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How to Build Brand Reputation with Long-Tail Influencers

Some brands just have “it”. They exude innovation. They attract investors. They have the financial means to make big-name celebrities the face of their company. They’ve reputation – a great brand reputation. Fabrizio Perrone CEO and co-founder of Buzzoole, Fabrizio

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Does Influencer Marketing Work for Retailers?

Remember when digital ads were the latest, greatest thing in retail marketing? Remember when you could create an AdWords campaign that simply said, “Buy from my store at 20 percent discount” and people would buy from you?Fabrizio Perrone Fabrizio is

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Post As A New Type Of Performance

According to a recent survey taken by WOMMA, Word of Mouth Marketing Association, the word of mouth and social media marketing activities are hot topics among the community of marketers. Marta Zienkiewicz Marta is a Social Media Manager at Buzzoole

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Welcome to the new Buzzoole for Brands Homepage!

Are you a Brand who wants to connect with the experts and social media influencers to drive powerful earned media to its strategy? You’ve come to the right place! We are proud to present you refreshed ‘Buzzoole for Brands’ homepage! We’ve

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buzzoole influence engine optimization

Buzzoole is the first influencer marketing platform that connects brands with key influencers and their audiences

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Looking for a powerful tool to quickly find an influencer in your category? Try our Buzzoole Finder: all the right influencers at the tip of your fingers.

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