The Power of Visual Content: body positivity on Instagram

A picture is worth a thousand words. Never has this seemed more vital a concept in the increasingly visual field of social media. Instagram, the visual-based channel known for stunning images and model-like shots, is a channel that has matured quickly. It is also one that has been lambasted for inauthenticity, from fake followers and likes to overly retouched photos. It is a channel that has raised concerns over mental health among young people, with many citing the perfect, bikini clad bodies and extravagant holiday snaps as the reason for low self-esteem.

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The Value of Influencer Marketing

If you’d asked me to prove the value of Influencer Marketing a decade ago, I’d have drawn a blank. Fortunately for advocates of this marketing tactic, today there’s solid proof that utilising an Influencer Marketing strategy can help drive engagement around your brand and generate a positive return on investment, better than any other form of digital marketing strategy.

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The Game of Engagement: our GoT Social Media Infographic

Just a few days has seen the end of the seventh season of Game of Thrones, one of the most watched TV series of all time, and we’re missing our #GOT fix already. The wonderful world created from George R. R. Martin’s novels has inspired so many conversations online, and brands have been taking part in the hype. We’ve taken a look at all things social media and brands online, so enjoy and feast your eyes on how this latest series of Game of Thrones has made an impact across the online world, from posts, blogs, and memes to marketing campaigns. Collected below are some interesting examples and facts and figures of the Game of Thrones 2017 phenomenon.

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How to Engage Influencers in Micro-Moments

According to Google, 68% of people who own a smartphone look at their device at least 15 minutes before going to sleep. On average people watch their smartphone at least 150 times a day and 82% check products on their device before a purchase.

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From Bitcoin to Social Currencies: a new world for Influencer Marketing

There is lot of hype surrounding Bitcoin and Ethereum. According to the World Economic Forum, the total worth of Bitcoin in the blockchain (a distributed trust mechanism; the technology that keeps track of Bitcoin transactions) is currently around $20 billion dollars’ worth. They predict that 10% of the world’s GDP will be stored on blockchains by 2027. This has huge implications for marketers and their strategies, which will inevitably have to adapt to incorporate cryptocurrencies and utilise the opportunities available. Further, the rise of currencies like Bitcoin could become a roadmap for other currencies, such as one based on social media engagement and audience.

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I Didn’t Know I Was An Influencer: stories of accidental success

Most successful blogs and social channels have been built up slowly, with not only great content, but great marketing strategies needed to get an Influencer seen above the rest (for our tips on becoming an Influencer, see our previous article). However, there are occasionally times when the social media stratosphere takes things into its own hands, and makes someone a star. We are taking a look at those times the internet has unexpectedly, and rather beautifully, made someone famous.

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