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How to Get Followers on Twitter With Influencer Marketing

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Every brand that has ever made a Twitter account has tormented itself over how to get followers, how to engage with them and so on. How do I connect with followers? What can I use apart from Twitter ads to engage them?

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We asked Top Mommy Bloggers their reasons to blog. Their answers were jaw-dropping.


As an influencer marketing platform, at Buzzoole we love engaging with our users, raising questions and listening to the very essence of all influencers: their opinion. This time we reached out our Top Mommy Bloggers. Alessandra Marino Copywriter & Community

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What colors are #TheDress?


In the last few days, the question “What colors are this dress? ” has taken over Twitter and the Internet by storm. Some people see white and gold. Others see blue and black. There’s no meeting ground. So what are

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10 Social Media Predictions for 2015


It’s the first month of 2015, that’s why Buzzoole Team decided to predict which social media trends will dominate this year. What will be the future of the Internet and digital marketing in the next few months? Take a good

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A festive social media marketing strategy


Christmas is fast approaching, and for small a business that signals the start of their busiest trading period of the year. It also means that it is time to plan their seasonal marketing campaigns, and nearly 65% of shoppers use

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Real Time Marketing during Thanksgiving Day


Brand marketers use social networks to promote and share deals during holidays and events like Thanksgiving Day, and can also determine the effectiveness of their advertising in real time. Thanksgiving Day is an important holiday for brands to be engaged

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