Intel Global Challenge: Buzzoole among the first 8 worldwide startups!

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And so here we are… back to Naples after an amazing experience at the Intel Global Challenge in Berkeley, California. Probably you’ve heard that Buzzoole has been selected among 24.000 projects and arrived 4th at the Intel Business Challenge in Vilnius. That allows us to fly to Berkeley among other 25 startups to compete at the Intel Global Challenge. And you know what? We’ve arrived among the first 8 finalists!

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MailUp reviews Finder

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One of the major challenges for our trade partners lies in understanding the operation and usefulness of Finder. Precisely for this reason at Buzzoole we think it is essential to show success stories and present them as a case study.

Here is the testimony of one of our recent clients, MailUp, which used our Influencer Search Engine to locate the most expert and influential social users in a given subject. Subsequently, those who carried out the research have answered a few questions reported below: Read more ›

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Buzzoole at the 2014 Smau


The Smau is currently being held in Rome, Italy March 19-20. It is only day two and Twitter is abuzz with stories of success, innovation and networking. Just check out the hashtags #Smau and #smauroma2014 to see photos and videos from the fair. Buzzoole again go to be among the many startups at the event and the team is seemed more than happy to be among other creative thinkers and entrepreneurs. Read more ›

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5 Global Events for Startups


Are you working in near parameters with your colleagues, on your personal computer, in a room that is your garage…or closely resembles it? Congrats! That probably means you’re a passionate individual working together with other creative minds in what we call a Startup. In other words, the beginning phase of a business that started as an idea and just needed a sprinkle of brilliance along with determined individuals to bring it to life and pave the way to success.

So how do Startups go from working in garages to being noticed on a larger scale? Along with the help of the internet, startup conventions are being held all over the globe and they are packed with investors, influencers and entrepreneurs who are changing the world as we know it.

Some of the top 5 Startup events around the world are the following…

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5 tools to find top online influencers


So you’ve got your social media accounts going, you’re posting and sharing, but who are you talking to? Have you researched your target audience and searched for your best online influencers who could make the difference to your brand by spreading word of mouth? If not, there are many tools that can help you to find the best influencers for your specific topic, engage with them and their followers and organize your content to appeal directly to your new audience. I am going to explain a few of them in this article. Read more ›

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How to determine your target audience


There are many ways to be influential online. Blogging, posting and sharing are all ways to get your message and your voice out there, but how do you know who’s listening, who’s paying attention and in which ways? In order to get a key message posted and recognized, the most important part is to know your target market. In this way, your messages and posts can be targeted and constructed in a way that will be relevant and that will resonate with your followers.  Read more ›

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buzzoole finder

Looking for a powerful tool to quickly find an influencer in your category? Try our Buzzoole Finder: all the right influencers at the tip of your fingers.

buzzoole influence engine optimization

Buzzoole is the first IEO (Influence Engine Optimization) platform. Connect your social accounts, optimize your online presence, discover what topics you are influential in and be rewarded.

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