Why Fashion Bloggers Are More Popular Than Fashion Celebrities?


Every brand needs a little push once in a while to make things happen.

In the fashion industry, influence is one of the most important things you can implement to increase customer engagement and skyrocket your sales. It’s something you see happening every day in the fashion community: key individuals talking about brands and taking their names to the next level. Read more ›

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Why Consumers Trust Influencers Over Brands?


There’s a small coffee shop in my town – the kind of business you picture in your mind when you think of a small independent brand… Read more ›

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Buzzoole is a Winner of the 2015 Bully Award!


We are very proud to announce that Buzzoole is a Winner of Bully Award 2015, honoured as a leading European TMT company!
Read more ›

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Find out the secrets of some of the best Beauty Bloggers!


Today’s post is dedicated to two of the most influential and inspiring Beauty bloggers:
Amber Murray and Christina Farrell-Lerchen. With their power to attract thousands of users, thanks to their honest opinions of the latest must-have products and great make-up tutorials, they have become the favorites of the beauty industry. Exclusively for Buzzoole, they decided to reveal their secret tips to business success! Read more ›

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#BuzzCustomer: Interview with Simonluca Scravaglieri from Ceres


Word of mouth is the oldest form of commercial communication. Nevertheless, with the development of new technologies it has also become even more relevant and powerful.
In Buzzoole, we are convinced that buzz marketing is a key point of our customers’ web strategy and it affects in different ways on creating brand awareness, its loyalty and sales performance. This is why we have surveyed our best clients to explain in their own words, how through using Buzzoole, WOM marketing can help any brand to reach its business goals. Here is the testimony of one of our recent customers, Simonluca Scravaglieri, Brand Manager @ Royal Unibrew,
the company that manufactures and markets Ceres, that is not only the top beer brand,
but also a true legend!
Read more ›

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3 Qualities That A Successful Blogger Should Have


Lately there has been much debate whether today, in the era of social media and social platforms that serve content creation, blogs are still important. From my point of view the answer is obvious: yes, and I strongly believe that they will be relevant for a long time because of their characteristics that they continue to maintain. As it has been already mentioned and emphasized by prominent bloggers and digital communication experts, blogs today are fundamental tools for the construction of someone’s “digital presence” and “personal branding”. Especially, because of the opportunity to extend, expand, deepen, and mostly, store and manage content, blogs today are absolutely important. Read more ›.

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