A first look at Buzzoole mobile application!


If you were looking for a way to always be up to date with Buzzoole campaigns, your credits status or even the evolution of your influence polygon, you may stop. We are proud to present you Buzzoole mobile application! Now, you will not miss a thing. Just take your phone out from the pocket, log in and start your journey with Buzzoole! Read more ›

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Explained by the expert: What is Growth Hacking?

source: https://www.ivyexec.com/executive-insights/2014/growth-hack-network/

Nowadays, everyone is talking about Growth Hacking. Companies from all over the world are recruiting Growth Hackers. In the next few months another Growth Hacker Convention will take a place. The ‘buzz’ about this term is definitely not stopping. But what does it mean?
Who is a Growth Hacker? I decided to find the right answers by asking Buzzoole expert,
Gennaro Varriale. Read the full interview here… Read more ›

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What colors are #TheDress?


In the last few days, the question “What colors are this dress? ” has taken over Twitter and the Internet by storm. Some people see white and gold. Others see blue and black. There’s no meeting ground. So what are the true colors of #TheDress? Here’s the answer…
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Support “805 Million Names” with Buzzoole!


How often do you get a chance to make a difference in other people’s lives? Buzzoole wants to encourage you to join our Team in supporting an amazing campaign “805 Million Names“,
a non-profit project that was made in collaboration with Zlatan Ibrahimović.

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10 Social Media Predictions for 2015


It’s the first month of 2015, that’s why Buzzoole Team decided to predict which social media trends will dominate this year. What will be the future of the Internet and digital marketing in the next few months? Take a good look and use these 10 answers below to get the most out of your social media strategy. Read more ›

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How to make sense with big data?


Nowadays, every electronic device we use generates a large amount of data and any activity in which we humans engage is represented somewhere in the virtual sphere with data. Scientists and computer engineers have coined the term “big data” whereas a famous article of the Economist has defined the phenomenon of information explosion as “data deluge”. That enormous volume of data represents just a part of the problem: another omnipresent problem is that the most data are initially unstructured, i.e. written in natural language which makes the data limited in the degree in which it is machine-interpretable, as for texts, e-mail, report, blogs articles, social network feeds and so on.

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